Online Gateways and Virtual Terminals

e-Commerce Solutions

Our secure payment gateway is the perfect way for businesses to process transactions over the Internet. Authorize.Net is the ideal solution for online-only retailers as well as brick and mortar merchants trying to develop a new sales channel. This e-Commerce solution integrates seamlessly and easily with your existing website.

Plug-In Designed for Use with QuickBooks®

The CHARGE Anywhere Plug-in provides merchants with a secure and feature-rich solution to process credit and debit card payments directly within QuickBooks®. The ability to automatically generate and apply payment to an invoice or customer upon transaction approval saves time by eliminating double entry. Additionally, various transaction methods provide maximum convenience and flexibility

Accept Payments Your Way

QuickBooks users will save time by authorizing credit card payments from within QuickBooks and eliminating the need to enter credit card transaction data into a POS device or Virtual Terminal and again later to update QuickBooks.

Do you have a website that you sell merchandise through? If so, we can set you up with an online gateway that ties into your website shopping cart. This allows your customers to make credit card payments and get real-time authorizations (or declines) as they place the order. 

Would you like to process credit card and/or check payments through an online virtual payment page? We have several online gateway solutions to enable you to do just that. Call us and we will help you choose which gateway is right for your business needs.


Does your business accept recurring payments? We can set you up to process credit card or ACH (checking account) payments automatically.

Auto-Pay: Automatic Payments? Does your business accept recurring payments? We can set you up to process credit card or ACH (checking account) payments automatically. Perfect for: •Subscription Services •Billing Services •Property Management Companies •Collection Agencies •Municipalities •Doctors, Dentists and Clinics •Timeshare Businesses •Rental Businesses •Network Marketing Companies. 

How does Auto-Pay work? First we set you up with a credit card merchant account and an ACH (Automated Clearing House) account. ACH is nothing more than an electronic payment from a clients checking account. Then we set you up with an online gateway where you can log in and set up automatic payment information. You can either bulk upload payment data or key-enter payment data. You can enter the current balance, interest rate and number of payments and it will calculate the payment amount for you. Or you can enter the balance and the payment amount. You can set the payment frequency to: one-time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually. 

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