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With FYT Merchant Services establishing a merchant account with us is easy. Take advantage of our FREE equipment offerings, or use your existing equipment and receive competitive processing rates. 

With FYT Services you can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover® Network, American Express, Diners Club, JCB, debit and EBT cards. If you are already processing credit and debit card payments, we can perform a rate review to ensure that you receive the best rates available. 

We currently process over $18,000,000 annualy and offer THE LOWEST RATES

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A retail merchant account gives the merchant the ability to swipe credit cards using a terminal. This is ideal for merchants who deal face to face with their customers and are looking for quick and accessible processing. It also allows for the merchant to take advantage of the growing number of consumers now using bank cards.

Smartphone Processing

Take advantage of the newest type of processing with a smartphone merchant account. By being able to process on the go with smartphones such as the iPhone or Android, the merchant is able to go out and accept credit card payments virtually anywhere without having to carry around an actual terminal. 

Internet Processing

 By setting up an Internet merchant account, merchants will have the ability to accept credit card payments through their website. By loging onto a virtual terminal they can manually key in their transactions, set up reoccurring billing or allow customers to pay online through a portal ensureing that you are always open for business. 

A Competitive merchant service rate for every processor

Just one rate is not enough

Interchange Plus Pricing, also known as Cost Plus Pricing or Interchange Pass Through, is a method of pricing merchant account services that charges the merchant the exact Interchange Fees, Plus a fixed mark up for processing services. Interchange Plus Pricing is the lowest cost, most transparent pricing schedule available in the merchant services industry. FYT Services recommends Interchange Plus for 99% of our clients and we will not be under sold!

Tiered Pricing on the other hand is currently the most common form of pricing for credit card processing services. Tiered pricing is opaque, expensive and is the vehicle for many of the hidden fees that plague the credit card processing industry. A more cost-effective, transparent alternative to tiered merchant account pricing is available to businesses that know enough to request it. 

The 4 tiers (buckets) set up most often for retail business are as follows:





Every processor has a basic cost called “Interchange Rates". This is the cost charged by Visa and MasterCard to process the transactions. The common sense tells us that if Interchange Rate is 1.64% how can a processor charge less than that rate? The processor is making up the loss from the same merchant as some other Charges. These “charges” are hidden as 3 Tier Pricing, 4 Tier Pricing, Downgrades, Bill Back, Gross-Gross Billing, Access Fees, Monthly Fees, Statement Fees, Authorization Fees, Minimum Fees, Minimum Discount, Annual Fee, Semi-Annual Fees, Compliance Fee, Security Fees, etc. etc. 

Whatever your credit card processing payment needs are, FYT Merchant Services can fulfill them. 

At FYT Services we have served all types of businesses as a merchant service provider. Needless to say, we have a low cost solution for you whether your business is automotive repair, restaurant / quick serve, mobile caterer, attorney, health care provider, CPA, contractor, HVAC, mobile glass repair, plumber, locksmith, party planner or you have a virtual business. 


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